Myths About Ambulance Services You Should be Aware of

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Myths About Ambulance Services You Should be Aware of

Best Ambulance Service in Amritsar

Best Ambulance Service in Amritsar

Indian citizens have protested against unregulated emergency services for the past few decades. In order to improve the effectiveness of emergency medical services in India, the National Health Mission (NHM) recently launched 108 ambulance services.

Despite these provisions, a number of misconceptions about ambulances have developed. To learn more, keep reading:


Only used as a means of transportation, ambulances

Before the 1990s, emergency medical services were provided using hammocks or other types of vehicles.

However, India now has specialised ambulance services to reduce avoidable deaths by offering prompt and effective emergency medical care, with qualified medical personnel and sufficient equipment on board to stabilise the patient’s condition.


Hospitals are always connected to ambulance services:

To improve proficiency in emergency medical facilities, the Indian government has partnered with private organisations like Best ambulance service in Amritsar.

Due to the fact that 108 and 102 are toll-free numbers, emergency medical services can be accessed day or night.

A hospital is not always connected to an ambulance service. In order to ensure the shortest possible transit time, the best ambulance service in Amritsar will even find the hospital that is closest to the patient.


In ambulances, only first aid is given:

Ambulances are equipped with both first aid and life-saving tools.

A defibrillator, an oxygen tank, and an electrocardiography (ECG) machine are all included in the Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances provided by the best ambulance service in Amritsar.


There is no staff in the ambulances:

Aside from the driver, ambulances are equipped with paramedics who can provide the patient with immediate medical assistance.

Lifelink Ambulances has fully qualified medical staff on board who have received certification from international organisations to deliver the best emergency medical care.


In the event that the police are not notified, ambulances will not transport a patient:

Call operators from the best ambulance service in Amritsar can connect with the closest police station to alert them to fatalities and get to the patient right away.

Ambulances can transport the patient to the hospital while the formalities are being handled, even if the police are not informed.


Only urban areas have access to ambulances:

The emergency healthcare sector has frequently come under fire for failing to provide high-quality ambulance services in rural areas.

However, programmes like NHM’s 108 have been working to close the gap in recent years by providing free ambulances with a primary focus on efficiency and promptness.

The best ambulance service in Amritsar offers services in more than 17 states with the primary goal of enhancing the emergency healthcare situation in rural areas.



Despite potential improvements, it is currently very challenging for ambulance services to spread awareness of the services they provide.

Emergency medical care is essential, not a superfluity. It is possible to achieve the goal of expanding their accessibility and reach by effectively transmitting information about them.

Please help us save more lives by telling people about 108. Visit our website at to learn more.

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